Our primary goal is to provide both our corporate and private individual Customers with a high-quality legal service. 

Our Firm has been operating since 1 July 2004 and is available to our customers primarily in property law, company law and energy law matters and in other aspects of civil law. Great emphasis is placed on a high level of service to our foreign customers, and to providing them with the fullest possible range of consulting, administrative and representation services.

We provide our legal services to foreign customers in the English language, and the establishment of a long-term cooperation with a law firm in Spain is in progress, with a view to enable us to deal with legal affairs of Hungarian customers in Spain, and/or to perform assignments from Spanish customers in Hungary as fully as possible. 

Fontosnak tartjuk a helyi közösségi életben való részvételt – így a Káposztási Családok Egyesületének tagjai és a vállalkozói partnerprogram résztvevői is vagyunk -, továbbá a környezettudatosságot, a helyi érdekek képviseletét.

Short introduction to our Law Firm’s associates:

Dr. Galambos Tamás, attorney-at-law, partner

I graduated from the Law School of the Pécs University of Sciences in 2000. After obtaining my diploma, I started to work as a trainee lawyer in a law firm specialising mainly in property law and company law, where I primarily advised foreign customers in English. From 2003 I worked as a trainee lawyer at the Budapest 5000 Law Firm, specialised in energy law, then as of mid-2004, following the establishment of the Dr. Galambos Tamás Law Firm, I worked here as attorney-at-law and partner, under a cooperation agreement. In the course of my legal practice, I have obtained a high level of expertise in cases related to electricity and natural gas and trade regulations, power plant projects and energy law licensing, as well as property law and company law matters; furthermore, I often represent clients at court and advise them in various settlement and other disputes, both in Hungarian and in English. 

Dr. Tímea Vincze, employed lawyer

I graduated from the Law School of Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences (ELTE) in 2003. After obtaining my degree, I spent my internship at Duna Televízió and then I worked as legal counsel at Magyar Televízió MTVA. During my activities, I gained wide experience in media law, copyright law and personality law cases, and during my work I dealt with nearly every field of civil law, including company law, associations, foundations, e-commerce, consumer protection and data protection. In 2009 I acquired my degree, specialising in infocommunication. Since May 2016 I have been working as an employed lawyer at the Dr. Galambos Tamás Law Firm, where I mainly deal with company law, property law, copyright law and data protection cases. 

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